Everything is made of opposites

Opposites thick Opposites thin

Opposites long Opposites short

Opposites high Opposites low

Opposites rich Opposites poor

Opposites young Opposites old

Opposites asleep Opposites awake

Opposites fat Opposites slim

Opposites tall Opposites short

Opposites healthy Opposites ill

Opposites beautiful Opposites ugly

Opposites strong Opposites weak

Opposites hungry Opposites full

Opposites active Opposites passive

Opposites generous Opposites stingy

Opposites calm Opposites nervous

Opposites brave Opposites coward

Opposites aggressive Opposites defensive

Opposites arrogant Opposites modest

Opposites loud Opposites quiet

Opposites strong Opposites mild

Opposites good Opposites bad

Opposites straight Opposites curly

Opposites heavy Opposites light

Objects big Opposites small

Opposites fast Opposites slow

Opposites dry Opposites wet

Opposites interesting Opposites boring

Opposites funny Opposites serious

Opposites easy Opposites difficult

Opposites correct Opposites wrong

Opposites cheap Opposites expensive

Opposites sharp Opposites blunt

Opposites full Opposites empty

Opposites new Opposites old

Opposites tight Opposites loose

Opposites dirty Opposites clean

Opposites open Opposites closed

Opposites hit Opposites miss

Opposites north Opposites south

Opposites east Opposites west

Opposites day Opposites night

Opposites clear Opposites cloudy

Opposites noon Opposites midnight

Opposites early Opposites late

Opposites hot Opposites cold

Opposites warm Opposites cool

Opposites shallow Opposites deep

Opposites urban Opposites rural

Opposites old-fashioned Opposites modern

Opposites black Opposites white

Opposites alike Opposites different

Opposites many Opposites few

Opposites some Opposites none

Opposites smooth Opposites rough

Objects soft Opposites hard

Opposites simple Opposites complicated

Opposites true Opposites false

Opposites in Opposites out

Opposites together Opposites apart

Opposites far Opposites near

Opposites over Opposites under

Opposites in front Opposites behind

Opposites high Opposites low

Opposites up Opposites down

Opposites left Opposites right

Opposites odd Opposites even

Opposites first Opposites last

Opposites order Opposites mess

Opposites question Opposites answer

Opposites push Opposites pull

Opposites sell Opposites buy

Opposites give Opposites take

Opposites borrow Opposites lend

Opposites accept Opposites reject

Opposites break Opposites fix

Opposites cry Opposites laugh

Opposites enter Opposites exit

Opposites add Opposites subtract

Opposites come Opposites go

Opposites start Opposites finish

Opposites save Opposites spend

Opposites attack Opposites defend

Emotions shout Kinds_of_talk whisper

Opposites lead Opposites follow

Education teach Education learn

Opposites departure Opposites arrival

Opposites horizontal Opposites vertical

Opposites minimum Opposites maximum

Opposites bottom Opposites top

Opposites part Opposites whole

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Opposites help us make sense of our world. For example, we know there is day only because there is night. Night helps us understand day. So with opposites we create meaning of things.

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