Body parts

What human body is made of

Body head Body neck Body shoulders Body arms Body armpits Body wrists Body hands Body palm Body fingers Body fingertips Body nails Body chest Body breasts Body nipples Body back Body waist Body belly Body navel Body vagina Body penis Body hips Body bottom Body legs Body thighs Body knees Body ankles Body feet Body toes Body face Body hair Body ears Body forehead Body eyes Body eyebrows Body eyelids Body eyelashes Body pupils Body irises Body nose Body nostrils Body cheeks Body mouth Body lips Body teeth Body tongue Body chin Body lungs Body heart Body stomach Body liver Body gallbladder Body spleen Body pancreas Body duodenum Body small intestine Body appendix Body large intestine Body rectum Body kidney Body bladder Body veins Body nerves Body bones

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Today the body is not reagarded only as a vessel that we inhabit but also as a site for identity projects. It has become our canveas where we, as painters, use combs, brushes, makeup, jewellery, tatoos, postures etc. to paint our creation and make our statement.

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