Some daily activities

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What we do reflects as well as shapes who we are. We like certain activities and avoid others. Many things we do daily become less interesting because of habit and routine. However, habit helps simplify and speed up daily tasks, and save time for other things. Many movements become automatic and subconscious, for example preparing food, so that we can watch television and chat while cooking.

Many times we say, oh, if I had more time, I would do this and that. But when we are finally free and have time, the once desired activity all of a sudden becomes uninteresting. I remember my study years when I was constantly under pressure and busy writing assignments, and never had much time to indulge in movie watching. I dreamed of the time when I would have finished the studies and would be able to spend evenings watching movie after movie. I even compiled a list of must-see's. But when I was finally free, watching all these wonderful movies seemed boring, so I preferred to spend time with my friends.

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