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Images and lines is a site that contains drawings that I do for fun and that you can use for free if you like. Take a look:

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The content of this site are images and words, and I became interested in their different functions and capabilities. Browsing through some books on language and visual art, I came across an interesting text by Karen Raney who lists three fundamental differences between visual and verbal illustrations.

The first difference can be found in their spatio-temporal existence. While words are consumed in linear sequences, pictures are seized immediately.

The second difference is in their relation to the referent. The meaning of words is arbitrary and socially constructed whereas pictures resemble, to some extent, the qualities of what they represent.

The third difference lies in their analytic capacity. A linguistic illustration is much more analytically capable than a visual illustration. Although the latter can vividly describe and present situations, it can not express causality in an explicit way. The meaning of pictures thus depends on context, which is why they are often accompanied by words.

I hope that you will be able to take in the illustrations in this site at once and that they are good representations of the objects and concepts they stand for. I also hope that the accompanying words will offer you additional context and clarify the meaning. Enjoy the site :-)

Source: Raney, K. (2003). Art in question. London: Continuum, p.13.

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