Drinks for comforting and quenching thirst

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What is your leisure time drink? A nice hot cup of tea? Or perhaps a strong coffee? A cold beer? What drink is next to your laptop now?

Some like to curl up under a blanket with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate, some would say nothing beats a cup of sweet, strong black coffee. There are people who worship green tea while the thirsty type praise a cool lager.

Every person has their own recipe for their favourite drink of coffee or tea, and there are hardly two people who would agree about the proper way of preparing it. Well, this is because ‘proper’ always means ‘the way I like it’.

Consuming liquids is essential for us as we are approximately 60% water. It carries the nutrients to cells, helps the body excrete waste products, controls heat, lubricates joints, absorbs shocks, and performs many other functions. Yes, water is life.

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