Objects here, objects there, objects everywhere

Objects toy Objects cushion

Objects personal computer

Objects mouse

Objects television

Objects remote control

Objects keyboard

Objects mobile phone

Objects newspaper Objects magazine

Objects book Objects notebook

Objects pen Objects pencil

Objects glasses Objects picture

Objects light Objects lamp

Objects lighter Objects corkscrew

Objects watch Objects clock

Objects skateboard Objects colander

Objects kettle Objects bowl

Objects tap Instruments instruments

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Aren't objects extensions of ourselves? Appliances we daily use extensions of our hands, books we read on rainy afternoons extensions of our thoughts, CDs with music we play when guests arrive extensions of our mood, pictures we hang on the walls extensions of our tasteā€¦ Getting rid of unneeded things is not always easy perhaps because in a way it means getting rid of symbolic parts of ourselves.

Today we are surrounded with hundreds of things of all kinds, our homes packed with gadgets, souvenirs, gifts, clothes, machines... If one counted all the things in their home and compared the number with a total of things in the home of their grandparents, the difference might be quite big.

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