Playing with numbers

Some lucky numbers...

Numbers number one

Numbers number two

Numbers number three

Numbers number four

Numbers number five

Numbers number six

Numbers number seven

Numbers number eight

Numbers number nine

Numbers number zero

Numbers oddNumbers even

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Numbers are all around us and we are constantly busy with counting. When you calculate, do you use fingers, or pen and paper of calculator? Which is more natural for you?

Do you have a lucky number? How did it become your lucky one?

Do you count days? It's Thursday - one more day until the weekend! It's July - two more weeks until my holiday starts!

When you think of a number, do you associate it with a certain myth? For example, 7 with seven dwarfs? What mythical connotations come to your mind when you hear 1, 2, 3, 9...?

In our lives things revolve around numbers: time (It's 6.15. I must leave.) sports results (We won 3:2.), prices (150! It's very cheap.), age, temperature...

If you counted all the numbers you say, see, write, hear or think of in a day, I'm sure it would be a pretty high number.

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