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Clothes seem to have become pieces with which we construct our style and shape our identity. Young people today can pick among many different styles such as preppy, hip-hop, boho, hipster, trendy, sophisticated, sporty, hippie... Quite a variety of possibilities. Even those who ignore styles end up having one. One way or another, we have a certain clothing style. Today there is also freedom of choice of style regardless of social class, culture, country, continent... Our attire and styles have changed a lot. If somebody from the past visited a city today, they would be astonished at the items people wear, their hairstyles and dyes, piercings, tattoos, fabrics, materials and designs. And they would also be surprised at the wide range of new fabrics that we use today for garments. They are so much lighter, more practical and comfortable. That makes one wonder what we will be wearing in, say, one hundred years. Fashion is very helpful here. Fashion designers incessantly come up with ever new ideas that are turned into garments and accessories. Even if one doesn't like fashion, one has to admit that designers' imagination is great. But no matter how designer's ideas of what is fashionable change some items remain and persist through time. Such items include formal suits for men and women. Men's suit, that is a combination of a white shirt with a tie, dark jacket and trousers have been around for quite some decades. And so has women's little black dress. Another thing that seems to persist to present day is less comfort in women's garments in comparison with men's. Compare the shoes, for instance. Many women will wear stiletto heels and say that walking in them in comfortable. Is it really? But anyway, this celebrates differences and contributes to diversity of styles and human expression.

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