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July 30

Images added to Places: England, Scotland, Wales, Great Britain and the United Kingdom.

December 27

Photo images added to Nature: violet, branches, spring, blossom, grass, wheat, field, elder and carnation.

Photo image added to Animals: snail.

September 29

Image added to Places: Bali.

September 28

Images added to Places: Dubai, Jacarta.

Image added to Symbols: origami.

Images added to Leisure: origami, beach chair, knitting.

Image added to Furniture: beach chair.

June 29

Images added to Nature: daffodil, sweet violet.

February 3

Image added to Nature: snowdrop.

January 16

Images added to Nature: chamomile, daisy.

December 15

Images added to Position: over, under, in front, behind, beside, between, around, middle, in, out, opposite, next, apart, together, low, high, far, near, bottom, top, horizontal, vertical, north, south, east, west.

Images added to Opposites: many, few, some, none, over, under, in front, behind, low, high.

November 4

There are currently 600 images in Images and lines. More to be added soon.

Images added to Activities: meditating, presenting.

Images added to Kinds of talk: inform, entertain.

Image added to Emotions: excited.

Image added to Letters: dot.

November 3

Images added to Clothes: vest, blouse, shirt, cardigan, camisole, belt, tights, bra, knickers, briefs, boxer briefs, hat, cap, jacket, coat, gloves, mittens, scarf, boots, shoes, stilettos.

September 2

Image link added to Symbols: instruments.

Images added to Instruments: trumpet, trombone, tuba, French horn, oboe, saxophone, clarinet, flute.

July 31

Image added to Symbols: freedom.

April 13

Image added to Leisure: meditating.

April 7

Images added to Opposites: start - finish, come - go, save - spend, generous - stingy, calm - nervous, interesting - boring, loud - quiet, funny - serious, arrogant - modest, smooth - rough, soft - hard, brave - coward, attack - defend, aggressive - defensive, teach - learn, shout - whisper, simple - complicated, departure - arrival.

Image added to Nature: dawn.

March 24

There are currently 500 images in Images and lines. More to be added soon.

Images added to Animals: mouse, rat, hen, rooster, sheep, ox, snake, tiger, monkey.

A new page created within the Symbols category: Chinese horoscope signs. The page contains 12 signs.

March 19

Images added to Body: kidney, bladder, veins, nerves, bones.

March 15

Images added to Opposites: sell, buy.

March 12

Images added to Nature: river, stream.

Images added to Transport: bridge.

March 11

Images added to Nature: hill, mountain.

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